FREE shipping for all local orders within 20km & minimum purchase of $50 (choose LOCAL DELIVERY at checkout) --> local pick-up is always FREE (zero minimum)
FREE shipping for all local orders within 20km & minimum purchase of $50 (choose LOCAL DELIVERY at checkout) --> local pick-up is always FREE (zero minimum)
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How We're Different

  1. Truly Natural - Unlike some natural companies who claim to be natural, but actually include synthetic ingredients or toxins such as fragrances in their products, we are all natural. This means our products are high in antioxidants and the protective powers of plants to counteract the effects of pollution, sun exposure, aging, and toxic burden (also better for the environment as most natural products are 100% biodegradable). We use essential oils instead of fragrance oils, which have been proven to disrupt our hormones and endocrine system. 
  2. High quality - We’re a small, local company that makes all of our products by hand to ensure the utmost quality and care. We source our ingredients from local companies we trust. Even when we grow larger, this will never change.
  3. Gentle + effective - We cater to the small but increasing percentage of people who suffer from eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, acne and even health compromising conditions such as auto-immune disease. We know that toxins can aggravate these conditions and it is our promise to provide you with products that not only eliminate these toxins, but include plant based ingredients that help you heal, while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. Just because our products are all natural, doesn’t mean they aren’t powerfully strong healers as well. Mother Nature is brilliant and has provided us with everything we need to cleanse, detoxify, and heal. Don’t take it from us, read our customer reviews to see that our products work! 
  4. Value - Our cold-process bar soaps for example, are hand-cut to be larger than the competition. Weighing in at over 150 grams (compared to the average 100 grams), our bars will not only last you longer and cut down on waste, but you’ll have to order less often. In general, our products are more expensive to make due to natural oils and butters being more expensive than their synthetic counterparts many companies use. We still price our products at an incredible value for what you are receiving. 
  5. Sustainable - Our commitment to the planet is transparent in our dedication to our sustainable sourcing of ingredients and our packaging being reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable where possible. We are conscious of our carbon footprint and act to reduce it wherever we can. Our mission is to leave the planet a better place than before we came.
  6. Change makers + Transparency - We believe that the current regulations for skincare and cleaning products need to change, but until that happens we need people to understand that large companies aren’t worried about their health and well-being. Government regulations allow small amounts of toxins in products stating that it is safe in these small amounts but we know that over time and with repeated use, these toxins DO have an effect on our health (especially for those with pre-existing conditions) and the environment - take aluminum in deodorant for example, or formaldehyde releasers in skincare products. Companies go as far to even try and disguise toxins from their customers by using their chemical counterparts on ingredient lists. It’s wrong! With Mama Bare Naturals, we are 100% transparent with the ingredients we use - we go as far as to list them on our website and provide a write-up for each ingredient so that you know what you are getting. 
  7. Advocates - We as consumers are powerful beings and can create change with where we put our money and what we choose to buy. The more people that won’t stand for toxins in their food and products, the more these large companies will have to change to suit the needs of their buyers. Being a small, local company we understand the importance of paying it forward and supporting other small, local companies. Together, we can create a stronger economy that focuses more on the resources we have, rather than on sourcing cheap resources from across the world.
  8. Mindset, Growth + Expansion - We believe that removing toxins from your everyday products is just as important as removing them from your mind and body. When your internal environment is optimal, you glow! Glowing from the inside out is a journey of creating an optimal environment inside and then that is reflected on the outside. At Mama Bare Naturals, we provide our community with products that support this lifestyle of eliminating toxins inside and out. Our pure, natural products provide a clean and safe alternative to conventional brands and our labels and resources expand on the inner work of creating positive mindsets, expansion and growth.