About Us

Mission & Vision 

It is our mission to reduce the environmental impact that common skincare and cleaning companies have and also to help people lower their toxic load by transitioning to a toxic-free lifestyle. We are fiercely passionate about the integrity of our products being as pure and natural as possible, which means you won’t find ANY ingredients in our products above a rating of 1 on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website. We also support local companies when sourcing our ingredients + packaging. This means that when you support us, we support you - your health, the planet and the health of our community and local economy. It is our vision to create a better world, one where we care about our impact on the planet and actually do something to ensure the health of future generations. Our vision for philanthropy is to collaborate with non-profit organizations that work to reduce climate change, waste + pollution or off-set carbon emissions. 



  1. Transparency 
  2. Sustainability
  3. Natural Ingredients 
  4. Reducing Toxins 
  5. Honesty 
  6. Philanthropy


Origin Story

Mama Bare Naturals started from the desire to find a truly natural body wash free from all chemicals and toxins. We found that there were products out there that were either all natural and didn’t work very well or products that claimed to be “natural” and then had hidden toxic ingredients on their labels. This led our family to learning the art of cold-process soap making, using pure essential oils, plant based butters and wild botanical herbs and plants. It quickly turned into a fun side hobby and passion for co-founders and mother-daughter team, Pauline and Karisa. Now we offer dozens of different all natural products and are dedicated to reducing plastic waste + pollution by using eco-friendly packaging or creating zero-waste alternatives. We’re passionate about protecting the environment and helping people to transition to a toxic free lifestyle. 


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