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The Books That Changed My Life (for the better) - A Non-Biased Book Review

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The Books That Changed My Life (for the better) - A Non-Biased Book Review


There are few books over your lifetime that really stick with you and stand out. You know….the ones that you recommend to others, the ones that you hold onto, or the ones that you seem to always reference throughout life. These books are special. 


For me, I found some books during a transitory time in my life. I was (and still am) embarking on a spiritual journey of awakening and these books presented themselves to me at a time I needed to hear the information. They were life changing because they were perspective shifting and eye-opening. They provided an understanding of energy and the cosmos in a way I had never heard before. Chances are if you’re reading this now, you may also be called to read one of these books.


The first 7 books are more spiritual and health related books, while the last book is more of a casual read (still based on a true story because that’s how I role). Send me a message through our website at or on my Instagram account (I’m really active there and will get back to you). Let me know which are your favourites or if you have read any of these. I love discussing books and learning new things! 


'Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you, and… Most of the time, you will receive an offer. Win-Win! The products that I advertise are the ones I believe in.’


1. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza 

The first book I’m going to review is Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I absolutely gobbled this book up, but I have heard from others that it was a hard read for them (full disclaimer). For me, I found it fascinating and couldn’t put it down. 

Penguin Random House Staes that the promise of Becoming Supernatural draws on epigenetics, quantum physics & neuroscience research conducted at his (Joe Dispenza) advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform their consciousness, mindset, and beliefs to heal and live SUPERNATURAL lives.

He explains how our emotions get stored in our bodies and that certain energy centres within the body are controlled by our autonomic nervous system and our subconscious brain. So, in a nut-shell, our thoughts which are generally triggered from our environment (and our past), create feelings and emotions within our bodies and these emotions get stored in our body. We have to learn how to liberate the emotional energy in the body and create a new mind (thoughts) by embracing the heart-centred emotions of a new desired future. It’s basically a course in co-creating with the Universe and learning how to manifest what you want in your future instead of re-creating your past over and over again and/or staying stuck. Simultaneously, it retrains your nervous system. He explains how just resting your attention on your heart and feeling emotions such as love, joy, peace, gratitude and freedom releases thousands of chemicals to help restore and repair the body. 

Dr. Dispenza states that REAL change doesn’t come from a conscious level and what you are DOING, it comes from a subconscious level and who you are BEING. So, if we can learn to change our thought patterns by using heart-centred emotions repeatedly, the circuits in our brains begin to change and no longer fire in the same way as they always have (which for most of us is primarily reactive and negative) and they stop being wired together. Another cool idea from the book is that the thinking-feeling loop also produces a measurable (this is proven) electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical bodies. In fact, our bodies are always emanating light and frequencies that carry specific messages or intentions. He goes into the details and research of this in the book, but basically we can learn to change what electromagnetic frequency our bodies emit and therefore change what we ‘attract’ into our lives by changing who we are being (the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are feeling). If we have the same (or similar) thoughts and emotions day after day, then we have the same frequency and we create the same reality!!! If we want a new future for ourselves then we need to change the thoughts and emotions we are experiencing and to do this we have to go to the subconscious level by changing our energy. We have to use meditation/quieting the mind, while simultaneously feeling the emotions that will increase our frequency. “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy”. I love this quote! Invest your attention in the unknown! I’m a research queen and love knowing the facts behind concepts and this book is really research based. It was found that elevated emotional states for 9-10 minutes 3X/day increased the immune IgA protein marker considerably, by 49.5%. The book also gets into all the different brain waves and what they do and their benefits, as well as chakras (energy centres), the manifestation process, and much more! 


2. Sound Medicine by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary 

I’m so glad I stumbled upon Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary and this book. Another research packed book that I just couldn’t put down! She is brilliant and once you read it, I’m sure you will also agree. This book spoke to me on a soul level, it explained so much of the mystical unexplainable experience one may have when levelling up their consciousness. It helped me to understand more fully manifestation and how it works and also why synchronicities occur. It explains complex matter of quantum physics in an easy to read way. These teachings have been around for ever and for good reason, but now we can start to link them to science and start to comprehend the phenomenon that occur that we can’t see with the naked eye. 

“From a leading neurologist, neuroscientist and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, a rigorous scientific investigation of the healing power of sound, showing readers how they can use it to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, Dr. Chaudhary traces the history of sound therapy and the use of specific mantras from previously unknown texts—traced back to the Siddhas, a group of enlightened yogis who created a healing tradition that served as the precursor to Ayurvedic medicine—to explain the therapeutic application of sounds for a wide range of conditions. Sound Medicine offers practical, step-by-step lessons for using music and mantras, whether you’re a beginner or searching for a more advanced practice, to improve your health in body, mind, and spirit.” ( 


3. Embers by Richard Wagamese

This book is pure gold. I reference it often, its one that sits in my living room because it’s easy to pick up at any moment, flip to a page and access a nugget of wisdom from the sacred meditations of Richard Wagamese. Beautifully written lessons on the universe and on life, Richard is a story-teller and author from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario. This is a book on stillness, harmony, trust, reverence, persistence, gratitude, and joy. You won’t be disappointed. 


4. The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

This book I read a long time ago, but has stuck with me. It was thought provoking and a new way of thinking at the time. Dr. Bruce Lipton takes research from himself and other scientists to show how there is an interaction between our minds and bodies through our thoughts and the information we consume and then think about. Our cells are altered based on the information we send to them. It explains how genes and DNA do not control our biology, but that signals outside the cell do. Things such as our thoughts actually create electrical and energetic messages that go on to affect our cells and therefore our biology and our health. His work has similarities to that of Dr. Joe Dispenza and this book really emphasizes the role that our simple everyday thoughts can have on our bodies and also how we can empower ourselves to change the state of our thoughts for the better. 


5. The Kybalion by The Three Initiatives

The Kybalion studies the hermetic philosophy of Ancient Eqypt and Greece. It explains the Seven Principles of Nature in detail, which are basically Universal Principles on how to live life to the fullest and get the most out of it. When we are living in line with the universal principles, life tends to be easier and things seem to work out. The main principles of the Kybalion are: 

    1. The principle of mentalism
    2. The principle of correspondence
    3. The principle of vibration
    4. The principle of polarity
    5. The principle of rhythm
    6. The principle of cause and effect
    7. The principle of gender 


6. A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

This book I enjoyed because he explains in lay terms the quantum physics and science behind manifestation. I love learning the science of how things work. I can experience the mystical and know deep down in my entire being that it is real, but then my brain sneaks up and says things like “but you didn’t see it with your own eyes and you can’t explain it in English what just happened, so maybe it isn’t real”. These books I enjoy because they confirm what I know to be true! This is not only a book on how to manifest money, but also a book on how to live life in general. It helps you to discover your own value and the value in other people…to live a more conscious life rooted in gratitude, a belief in abundance, and the experience of joy. It’s really about connecting to yourself on a soul level and rediscovering who you truly are. 


7. A Course In Miracles by Foundation for Inner Peace

I didn’t know if I would include this one because although I read MOST of it, I didn’t finish it. BUT, I still decided to include it because it helped to shift my mindset through a really dark time in my life. It was a monumental book that actually worked to shift my perspective, give me hope and create more consciousness within me. The book starts of pretty soft, but then it does get harder to read as you get deeper into it. There are daily lessons to read and meditate on that don’t take very long, so it’s a nice way to carve out time for yourself and work on changing your thoughts. 


8. The Girl with No Name by Marina Chapman 

I loved this book, it was so well written and such an incredible, enticing and captivating story. I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a story about a little girl who lived in a remote village in South America in the 1950’s. She was adbucted near her home while picking pea pods, but was then abandoned by her kidnappers deep in the Columbian jungle. For the next five years of her life she was raised by a troop of capuchin monkeys. She ate what they ate, copied what they did and gradually become feral. It’s her true story of what happened and it’s a must read in my opinion. 



That is my life of 8 must read books that have changed my life! I know the list will grow as I am constantly consuming more, but it’s funny how you can narrow down books you’ve read over a lifetime to just a handful. What are some of your favourite and life changing books that you have read? I’d love to know! Send us a message through our website at or through our instagram account at mama.bare.naturals 

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