Back To School (Fall) Dinner Meal Plan
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Back To School (Fall) Dinner Meal Plan

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Meal planning keeps you organized, helps you to stick to a healthy eating plan, saves money and offers a variety of different foods for your family to try. September generally means we are getting back to routines, schedules and planning so it's the perfect time to start thinking about getting organized around meals.

We have created a fun, easy and tasty meal plan that your whole family will love! You'll be introduced to new recipes that aren't overwhelming or require a million ingredients. Plus we are all about convenience, so many of the dinner recipes can be doubled and frozen for upcoming weeks to make things even easier!

All of the recipes are healthy and we've added options for grain free where we could. Eating as close to nature as possible is always what we strive for without being restrictive - balance is key to sustainable changes! Also, the more veggies the better!!!


We created this dinner meal plan to help YOU with ease of week night dinners. We have provided options that our own family enjoys and likes to eat - tried and tested! We have found that these meals keep us satisfied, everyone enoys them, the ingredients are generally easy to find and they are quick to make (most take 30 minutes or less). We also have provided some options where you can double the recipe and freeze half for another night because we absolutely LOVE doing this as it saves time on busy week nights when the kids have activities or we are working late!

You will receive 10 dinner meal recipes (two weeks worth for Mon-Fri meals), plus an extra week (Mon-Fri) that consists of the frozen meals from the first two weeks if you chose to double + freeze them. You will also recieve recipes for a couple of our favorite snacks and a few ideas for school lunches. We have included a shopping list with everything you may need to buy for the recipes each week. You probably have many of the items in your fridge or pantry already, so you can adjust your own shopping list accordingly.

Feel free to print out all the recipes and add them to a binder to reuse, as we think you will enjoy these timeless and healthy meals over and over again just as we do!